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Dr. Michael P Lange - Ocala Florida

Dr. Michael Lange, Ocala, Florida, eye doctor with Lange Eye Care and Associates is involved in research on nutrition and UV protection

Dr. Michael Lange, an Ocala optometrist with Lange Eye Care and Associates, not only sees patients almost daily in one of his nine eye care centers throughout Florida but he has a true passion for research. Michael P. Lange OD, CNS obtained two undergraduate degrees in Psychology and Physiological Optics before graduating from Pennsylvania College of Optometry in 1992. After practicing for a short period of time in New Orleans, his home town, Dr. Lange decided to take a chance and move to a small town in Florida. He moved to Ocala, Florida, and started Lange Eye Care and Associates in March 1993.

Dr Michael Lange, Ocala optometrist

Dr Lange's great office demeanor and excellent clinical skills quickly became noticed by the local Ocala residents. Dr. Lange was asked to host a talk show called "Ask The Doctor" in May 1993 on a local radio station in Ocala, Florida. Dr. Michael P. Lange the optometrist in Ocala quickly became known as "the eye doctor on the radio".

Lange Eye Care and Associates

Lange Eye Care and Associates began to grow at exponential rates and Dr. Michael Lange's radio talk show grew at the same pace. Dr. Lange's practice was growing to such a degree that he had to relocate his practice to a much larger facility and expand it to multiple locations surrounding the Ocala, Florida, area. Dr. Lange came to Ocala because it was one of the fastest geriatric populations in the country and he felt these are the patients that he could help the most.

Dr. Michael Lange has a slightly different practice philosophy of the typical eye care provider. He believes in helping each patient become proactive in their visual health and their total body health through a combination of traditional eye care, combined with dietary changes, lifestyle changes, proper supplementation, exercise and sleep. Dr. Michael P. Lange preaches this daily on his live talk show "Ask The Doctor" that can be heard throughout the country on multiple networks and live video streaming throughout the world via the Internet at

Dr. Michael P. Lange the Ocala optometrist and certified nutrition specialist

Dr Michael Lange, Ocala optometrist (eye doctor) Dr. Lange became so frustrated with the lack of good quality nutritional supplements that were available over the counter that he decided to get into research and development of supplements for the eye and body that are based on true science. He started the Fortify Vitamin company in 2004 and developed a line of eye vitamins called Fortifeye Complete that he felt comfortable recommending to patients. The development of Fortifeye Vitamins led to continuous research in the field of nutrition and ultimately to Dr Lange becoming a certified nutrition specialist. Dr. Michael Lange, an Ocala optometrist, in 2008 became one of four optometrists in the country to become a certified nutrition specialist. Fortifeye vitamin supplements are now being recommended by doctors from all over the world to help combat against free radical damage in the eyes and body. Dr. Michael Lange, the eye doctor from Ocala, now travels the world on research trips to gain knowledge that is helpful in the continuous enhancement of several different formulas of Fortifeye vitamins. Michael P. Lange OD, CNS is a crusader of patient education in the area of nutritional eye care. Dr. Lange's daily talk show on eye care and nutrition can be heard from 9-10AM Eastern Time, Monday through Saturday, and he is also on a variety of different times during the week.

Dr. Lange becomes advisor to large corporations and gains national recognition

Dr. Lange also enjoys lecturing to the public and to doctors from all health care arenas. He is a moderator on multiple eye care web sites and sits as the chairman of the board and also serves on the advisory board of multiple large eye care companies. He is also a guest author for many national and international eye care magazines and has been on the cover of several national magazines for his eye care success. When asked about the secret to his success Dr. Lange replies, "Extremely hard work, dedication, sacrifice and being in the right place at the right time".

Dr. Michael P. Lange has opened Lange Eye Care offices in Ocala, Gainesville, West Ocala, Williston, Inverness, Summerfield, The Villages and Clearwater.

Dr. Michael Lange, the Ocala optometrist, has almost 20 optometrists and ophthalmologists on his Lange Eye Care team with nine locations and three Lasik centers. Lange Eye Care and Associates are located in Gainesville, Ocala, West Ocala, Williston, Inverness, Summerfield, The Villages and at two locations in Clearwater. Dr. Michael Lange, the Ocala eye doctor states, "This is just the beginning".

Dr. Michael Lange, O.D., C.N.S. develops eye ware for extreme athletes

Dr. Michael P. Lange, the optometrist from Ocala, has also been involved in research and development of eye wear and sun wear for extreme athletes. Dr. Lange understands the importance of proper sun wear for the protection of the entire eye. He has been involved in the development of some super high contrast and super high impact-resistant lens and frame combinations to be utilized in extreme sports. Dr. Lange participates in many sports requiring maximum acuity and contrast as well as incredible strength. Some of the sports Dr. Lange is researching specific sunglass combinations for are motocross, mountain biking, road biking, drag racing, road racing, snow skiing, snow boarding, skeet shooting, triathlons, mountain climbing, surfing, sailing and offshore boat racing. After these extreme sunglasses are completed he will develop a line for more traditional sports as well. Dr. Lange states, "If we block all the harmful rays of the sun with appropriate filters and give certain specific nutrients via diet and supplements, we can slow down the aging in the eye dramatically." Dr. Michael Lange practices what he preaches with himself as well as thousands of patients that he has been taking care of for close to twenty years.

More information on the extreme line of sunglasses Dr. Michael Lange has been developing and will be posted on once it is nearing completion. Some of the nutritional research Dr. Lange has been involved in, and the eye vitamins and whole body formulas he has formulated, are at If you are looking for a great group of eye doctors in Florida go to For more, read this article about Dr. Michael Lange, Ocala optometrist, or visit his blog.

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