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Dr. Michael Lange, Optometrist, discusses buying prescription cycling glasses

Prescription Cycling Glasses

Dr. Michael Lange, Optometrist and avid cyclist, practices what he preaches. Prescription cycling glasses or protective eye wear for the cyclist, whether on a mountain bike, road bike, trike or recumbent is crucial.

Prescription cycling glasses are a customized item that Lange Eye Care has been making in their labs for 20 years. "We have cyclists that come from all over the country to have a comprehensive eye exam, learn about proper nutrition to improve visual performance and get their prescription cycling glasses," says this host of the popular radio talk show 'Ask the Doctor.'

Dr Michael Lange, Optometrist

Dr. Michael Lange, optometrist from Ocala, Florida, rides almost on a daily basis. He not only is into pedal power but he also likes to twist the throttle at the motocross park as well. "Improving visual performance will ultimately improve overall athletic ability and make cycling much safer and more enjoyable," states Dr. Lange. "When designing a pair of prescription cycling glasses we have to take many things into consideration. We have to look at what type of riding the cyclist is into, what part of the country he or she bikes in and what time of the day most of the biking is done."

How are prescription cycling glasses created?

"The first step is to dial in the exact prescription to give the absolute clearest vision possible. Next we have to pick the exact lens frame combination that will give maximum peripheral vision and the sharpest acuity while being impact resistant," he says. "The frame will need to be extremely comfortable, fit well, be light weight yet durable and have plenty of ventilation. The lenses will need to be an impact resistant light weight lens that has aspheric back surface free form technology to enable the cyclist to have the contrast necessary when going down a rugged downhill under the canopy of trees on a mountain bike. The lenses also need to be a super high contrast that darkens as the cyclist gets out of the canopy of trees and is out in the direct sunlight."

Which pair of prescription cycling glasses are best?

Dr Michael Lange, OptometristDr. Lange has tried just about every combination of lenses for cycling and his favorite lens is a free form back surface Trivex® Transitions Brown lens that is tinted yellow, with an anti reflective coating then applied on top. "You do not want a polarized lens if you are a cyclist since it blocks one entire meridian of light and will sacrifice some of your vision while in the shaded areas. A Transitions® Brown lens tinted yellow gives the best of all worlds. While you are in the shade it is a bright yellow super high contrast lens and then out in direct sunlight the lenses will turn a dark deep brown amber color," he explains. This lens combination blocks all the glare thus improving visual acuity in all light conditions and also blocks the harmful UV and HIV light from damaging the cornea, lens and retina. This specific type of prescription cycling glasses can also be used as a pair of custom prescription shooting glasses or prescription hunting glasses. If you are a cyclist and looking for an extremely knowledgeable eye care center and doctor come to see Dr. Michael Lange.

I want prescription cycling glasses at the lowest price!

"Optometrists in most eye care centers will not have the experience to fit an avid cyclist correctly in a great pair of prescription cycling glasses and always remember you get what you pay for, " says Dr. Lange. "Do not try to purchase prescription glasses online. Go to a reputable eye care center that has lots of experience and get the right pair of prescription glasses the first time. If you are looking for a great deal on non prescription sunglasses online, then that's okay. Ray-Ban® sunglasses for men and Ray-Ban® sunglasses for women can be purchased online. Sunglasses online are best obtained through a reputable dealer of the sunglass brand that can warranty the sunglasses you buy online." One of the most reputable sunglass online sites is

Get prescription glasses for mountain biking, motorcycle, or the shooting range for best visual performance

Dr. Michael Lange, optometrist, is the founder of Lange Eye Care and Associates and The Lange Eye Institute in Florida. Lange Eye Care has grown to 10 locations from Gainesville to Clearwater. Dr. Lange recommends, "A lot of our growth in the eye care market in Florida is directly related to our large population of athletes that we see. If you are a cyclist, motorcyclist, or avid gun enthusiast come to Lange Eye Care in Ocala, Gainesville, The Villages, Tampa, Citrus Hills or Summerfield and let the experts take care of you."

If you are looking for a great group of eye doctors in Florida go to For more, read this article about Dr. Michael Lange, Ocala optometrist, or visit his blog. Call toll free for an appointment at 1 888 781-2020.

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